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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A cataclysm is a huge event that affects a lot of people. Cataclysms can be natural disasters like a hurricane, or they can be man-made events like a war.

  • The cataclysm that destroyed the city was a natural disaster.
  • The cataclysm that destroyed the planet was a manmade event.

To pore over something is to study it very carefully. You might pore over a piece of literature, or you might pore over a map to plan your route.

  • He pored over the information for hours, trying to figure out the answer.
  • She pored over the map for hours, trying to find the best route to take.

Militaristic is a word that describes something that is related to or influenced by the military. Militaristic attitudes are often very conservative, and they focus on strength and order instead of democracy and freedom.

  • The politician's militaristic attitude was apparent in his speech.
  • The school's militaristic policy is causing a lot of problems.

An autocrat is a ruler or leader who is not elected by the people. They usually have very little freedom, and they are usually not allowed to criticize the government or their leaders.

  • The autocrat ruled with an iron fist, and he was not afraid to use his power to punish his enemies.
  • The autocrat ruled with an iron fist, and he was not afraid to use his power to punish his enemies.

A guesstimate is a guess or estimate, and it's usually not very accurate. When you guesstimate how much something costs, you're probably going to end up being wrong.

  • I guesstimated that the repair would cost $200, and it actually ended up costing $300.
  • She guesstimated that it would take her two hours to make the cake, but it actually took her three hours.

To stash something is to hide it away. You might stash your valuables away in a safe place, or you might stash your food away in the fridge.

  • The thief stashed the laptop in the manager's office.
  • The teacher stashed the report away in her desk.

Wastage is the act of wasting something, of using it in a way that is not useful or useful only in small doses.

  • The company is wasting money by buying those unnecessary items.
  • The teacher was Wastage of time by trying to explain the lesson in detail.

Defeatism is the belief that you are destined to lose a battle or a war. Some people who are defeatist feel that there is no point in fighting, because they are sure that they will lose.

  • Many people in the country are defeatist and don't believe that we can win.
  • The defeatist attitude is causing the country to lose a lot of soldiers.

To convene is to gather together. When the government convenes, they are gathering together to discuss important matters.

  • The government convened to discuss the recent riots.
  • The board of directors convened to discuss the company's future.