You Are Not Where You Think You Are

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To exaggerate is to make something seem much bigger or more important than it is. When you exaggerate, you are trying to make a joke, or you are trying to make a point.

  • He exaggerated the importance of the project, which is why it took so long.
  • She exaggerated the amount of damage that the storm did, which is why the city was so busy.

An ellipsis (plural ellipses) is a type of punctuation mark that is used to indicate that a sentence is unfinished or unfinished at the moment that it is being written.

  • I'm sorry, but I have to go now.
  • I don't know how to do that yet.

When something is wobbly, it is unstable and uncertain. The table was wobbly, and it was easy to knock over.

  • The chair is wobbly, and it's not very comfortable to sit in.
  • The ground is wobbly, and it's easy to fall down.

To jiggle something is to move it around a lot, to make it move back and forth or side to side. When you're trying to shake a bottle of soda, you're jiggling it around.

  • The dancers were shaking their bodies to the music, jiggling their hips.
  • The bottle of soda was shaking, because the soda was in a large container and the container was shaking.

When something is jiggling, it is shaking back and forth rapidly. This could be a movement or an object.

  • The jar was shaking and jiggling because of the wind.
  • The baby was jiggling and laughing because he was so excited.

A lightyear is a unit of distance that is used in astronomy. It's about the distance that it takes for light to travel one year.

  • The lightyears away galaxy is very large.
  • The lightyears that it took for the signal to reach us was very long.

To jiggle something is to shake it up and move it around. When you jiggle a door handle, you're trying to make sure that it's locked.

  • The door was jiggling and wouldn't stay closed.
  • The jiggling of the bars made it difficult for him to sleep.

Indescribably is a very strong word that is usually only used in very serious situations. It is usually used to describe something that is so incredible, amazing, or surprising that words cannot do justice to it.

  • The film was indescribably beautiful.
  • The performance was indescribably moving.

Merchandise is anything that is sold to promote or support a particular person, group, or idea. This can include clothing, books, CDs, and even toys.

  • The band is selling merchandise to fund their tour.
  • The bookstore is selling merchandise to support the book club.