You are not alone in your loneliness | Jonny Sun

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Externalizing means to take your problems out on other people. When you externalize your anger, you lash out at the people around you.

  • The child was externalizing her anger by throwing a fit.
  • The boss was externalizing his anger by yelling at his employees.

Humanness is the quality of being human. It is the ability to feel emotions, to think, and to love.

  • The humanness of the character was very evident in the way that he reacted to the situation.

An icebreaker is a fun activity or game that is designed to get people to socialize and connect with each other. Icebreakers can be anything from a game of charades to a party game where everyone has to guess a secret word.

  • The icebreaker was a party game where everyone had to guess a secret word.
  • The icebreaker was a game of charades, which is a favorite of mine.

To disburse is to give out or distribute something. When the government disburses money to the people, they are giving it to them in small amounts.

  • The government disburses money to the poor on a monthly basis.
  • The company disburses bonuses to its employees on a monthly basis.

To misunderstand something is to misunderstand its meaning or what it is supposed to do. Sometimes people misunderstand each other when they're speaking.

  • He misunderstood my expression and thought I was angry with him.
  • She misunderstood my gesture and thought I was giving her the middle finger.

Ignorantly is a word that is usually used when you are angry or upset. When you use the word ignorantly, you are saying that you don't understand what someone is saying.

  • He acted ignorantly when he threw the rock at the cat.
  • She acted ignorantly when she took the candy from the little girl.