Worst Nuclear Accidents in History

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To unleash something is to allow it to be free and unrestricted. When you unleash a dog, you are telling them that they can behave however they want.

  • The dog was unleashed and ran wild through the park.
  • The prisoner was unleashed and ran through the city.

Disrupting something is causing it to stop working or to cause a problem. If you disrupt the peace at a protest, you're causing a lot of anger and frustration.

  • The disruption was disrupting the process.
  • The disruption was causing a lot of problems.

To aggravates is to make someone angry or frustrated. When you aggravates someone, you are usually doing something that is not reasonable or necessary.

  • He always aggravates his wife by talking on the phone while she's trying to work.
  • The noise from the party was really aggravating, and it was making it difficult to hear.

Displacing is the act of moving someone or something somewhere else. When a new business displaces an old one, the new business takes over the old one's customers and employees.

  • The new development displaced the old businesses.
  • The company displaced the old workers with new employees.

Houseplants are plants that are usually grown in a pot or on a windowsill. They are usually bought by people who want to keep plants in their home, but don't have enough space.

  • The houseplant needs water and sunlight to grow.
  • The houseplant needs to be watered regularly, and it should be moved to a new spot every few weeks to prevent it from getting root rot.

The word "creatives" usually refers to people who work in the arts, such as artists, writers, and musicians. They are usually considered to be more creative than other people, because they are able to see things in a different way.

  • The creative team came up with a new plan for the campaign.
  • The creative team created a new logo for the company.