Why We Should NOT Look For Aliens - The Dark Forest

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To awake is to become conscious. When you wake up, you're no longer unconscious.

  • She woke up just in time to see the eclipse.
  • He woke up just in time to stop the robbery.

The undergrowth is the part of the forest that is below the surface of the ground. It's usually full of plants and trees that have been hidden by the leaves and branches above.

  • The undergrowth was dense and full of plants.
  • The undergrowth is a dangerous place because there are snakes and spiders lurking in it.

An expansionist is someone who wants to increase the size of the country or the number of people who live there. They believe that by doing this, the country will be better off.

  • The expansionist candidate won the election by appealing to the expansionist sentiment in the population.
  • The expansionist policies of the government are contributing to the country's growing debt.

An expansionary policy is a government policy that is designed to increase the amount of money that is available in the economy. This is usually done by increasing the amount of loans that are available, or by giving tax breaks to businesses.

  • The government is expanding the number of loans that are available.
  • The government is expanding the number of jobs that are available.

To sneak is to go somewhere or do something without being seen. You might sneak a peek at the cake before you eat it, or you might sneak out of the party early.

  • She sneaks out of the party early to avoid being seen by her friends.
  • The detective sneakily took pictures of the suspect while he was hiding.

Militaristic is a word that describes something that is related to or influenced by the military. Militaristic attitudes are often very conservative, and they focus on strength and order instead of democracy and freedom.

  • The politician's militaristic attitude was apparent in his speech.
  • The school's militaristic policy is causing a lot of problems.

Muskets are weapons that were used in the 18th and 19th centuries. They were often used by soldiers in battle, and they were very popular among the aristocracy.

  • The guns are very old and they are used to shoot muskets.
  • We are not allowed to bring firearms into the museum, because they are considered weapons.

When something is uninhabitable, it is not able to be lived in or used. This can be because of a natural disaster, war, or some other problem.

  • The city was completely uninhabitable after the earthquake.
  • The war made the area completely uninhabitable.

To admire something is to have a deep respect for it. You might admire someone's intelligence or their skill at basketball.

  • He admires the way she dresses and the way she styles her hair.
  • The woman admires the artistry of the painting, even though she can't understand a word of it.