Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A cartel is a group of businesses or organizations that have agreed to work together to increase their profits. They often do this by agreeing to limit their production or to fix their prices.

  • The cartels are trying to increase their profits by limiting the production of their products.
  • The cartels are trying to increase their profits by fixing their prices.

To eradicate something is to completely remove it from the landscape or from existence. eradicating a virus is one example of how you can remove it from the landscape.

  • The city plans to eradicate the slums in the area.
  • The government wants to eradicate poverty and inequality.

Incarcerating means to put someone in prison. When the government incarcerates criminals, they are usually locked up in a jail or prison.

  • The government is incarcerating a lot of criminals, which is why the prisons are full.
  • The government is going to incarcerate all of the rebels, even if it means war.

Traffickers are people who help people to cross the border illegally. They are usually people who are in the business of smuggling.

  • The traffickers helped the migrants cross the border illegally.
  • The traffickers are responsible for the current crisis at the border.

To say that something is unbroken is to say that it has never been broken or damaged. Sometimes this is used to describe something that is very valuable or important.

  • The statue is unbroken, which is why it is so valuable.
  • The unbroken record is a record that has never been broken.

The word purer is often used to describe things or people who are cleaner or more pure than others.

  • The water is much purer than the water that comes from the tap.
  • The new product is much purer than the old product.

To skyrocket is to increase very rapidly in value or popularity. When the stock market goes up, a lot of companies' stock prices will skyrocket.

  • The stock market skyrocketed after the news broke.
  • The movie skyrocketed in popularity after the first week it was released.

To overdose on something is to take too much of it. This can be dangerous because it can cause you to have a dangerous reaction.

  • She overdosed on painkillers and ended up in the hospital.
  • He overdosed on alcohol and passed out.

Unobtainable means that something is not possible to get or to happen. The phrase "unobtainable object" is often used to describe something that is too difficult or impossible to find.

  • The object is unavailable for purchase.
  • The object is not available for rent.