Why should you read Virgil's "Aeneid"? - Mark Robinson

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A deathbed is a moment or occasion when a person is about to die. This can happen at any time, but it is usually a very emotional and difficult experience.

  • He died on his deathbed after a long battle with cancer.
  • The deathbed scene in the movie was very emotional.

An epic is a long and complex story that is usually written in prose. Epic poems are usually focused on a single character or a small group of characters, and they often tell a story of great adventure.

  • The epic is about a hero who travels across the country to save his people.
  • The epic is about a war between two kingdoms.

A hexameter is a type of poetic meter that is six lines long. It is usually used in poems that are about war or violence.

  • The hexameter recites the story of the war in a simple and straightforward way.
  • The hexameter is used to emphasize the brutality of the war.

Unsettled means that you are not at peace, that you are not comfortable. When the town was unsettled, the people were not happy.

  • The town was unsettled after the earthquake.
  • The company is unsettled because they don't know what the future will bring.

When someone is assassinated, they are killed by someone else. Assassination is a very serious crime, and it is usually committed by someone who is angry or upset.

  • The president was assassinated, and the country is in a lot of trouble.
  • The assassin killed the president because he was angry with him.

Mythological is a word that refers to stories about gods and goddesses. These stories are often told as part of an education, and they can be very interesting.

  • The mythological story of Hercules is a famous example of a mythological story.

To signify means to use a sign or symbol to communicate something. When you say that something is signifying, you are saying that it is carrying a meaning or message.

  • The signifying gesture was making the peace sign.
  • The signifying gesture was wearing a necklace with a cross on it.

A subversive is someone who does things that are against the government or the rules. They might go against the government by protesting, or they might go against the rules by cheating on their exams.

  • The teacher suspected the student of being a subversive, because he was always talking about politics.
  • The student was subversive by cheating on her exams, which is against the rules.

To subtly something is to do it in a way that doesn't cause too much attention or notice. When you subtly insult someone, you are saying negative things without actually saying them out loud.

  • She subtly insulted him by calling him lazy.
  • The restaurant subtly advertised its specialties by displaying a small sign next to the door.