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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When a shipwreck happens, it's when a ship is lost at sea and ends up on the coast. The people on the ship are usually rescued by the coast guard or a boat.

  • The shipwrecked group was rescued by the coast guard.
  • The shipwrecked group was rescued by a boat.

To evade is to avoid something or someone. When the police are trying to catch a criminal, they may try to evade them by running away.

  • He tried to evade the police by running away.
  • The company tried to evade responsibility by saying that the problem was with the other company.

A colonialist is someone who believes that the countries that have been colonized by the Europeans are inferior and should be ruled by the Europeans. Colonialists often believe that the Europeans are the best people and the others are not worth bothering with.

  • The politician is a colonialist, which is why he believes that the other countries should be ruled by the Europeans.
  • The poet is a colonialist, which is why she believes that the Europeans are the best people.

To unravel something is to take it apart or to reveal its true nature. When you unravel a mystery, you eventually figure out what happened.

  • The police were able to unravel the mystery of the robbery by finding the evidence that they needed.
  • The threadbare sweater unravels when you try to pull it tight.

To vie for something is to try to get it. Sometimes people use the word to describe the act of competing for a position or prize.

  • He vied for the job, but lost to the other candidate.
  • She vied for the position of class president, but lost to the other candidate.

Splinters are small pieces of wood that are broken off of a larger piece of wood. They are often caused by something hitting the wood hard, like a hammer.

  • When he hit the tree with his hammer, the splinters flew everywhere.
  • The splinters are dangerous because they can easily get into your skin.

To satirize something is to make fun of it. You might satirize a politician by making fun of their speeches.

  • He satirized the politician's speech by making fun of the grammar mistakes.
  • The cartoon satirized the current political situation.

A trope is a popular or conventional idea or phrase. Tropes can be used in literature, movies, and other forms of art.

  • The film used a lot of tropes, such as the damsel in distress and the evil queen.
  • The writer used a lot of tropes in her novel, such as the comingofage story.

When boys are young, they go to school. During school, they learn about different subjects.

  • The schoolboys were yelling and running around in the classroom.
  • The schoolboys are learning about math and science in the classroom.