Why should you read “Kafka on the Shore”? - Iseult Gillespie

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To rename something is to change its name. When you rename a street, you are changing the name of the street.

  • He renamed the street after his grandfather.
  • The company renamed their product after their new CEO was hired.

When someone is narrating, they are telling the story of something. They are usually telling the story in a very simple, direct way.

  • The narrator is telling the story of the war.
  • The narrator is telling the story of the Titanic.

To pore over something is to study it very carefully. You might pore over a piece of literature, or you might pore over a map to plan your route.

  • He pored over the information for hours, trying to figure out the answer.
  • She pored over the map for hours, trying to find the best route to take.

To be friends with someone is to become friends with them. Sometimes people use the word to describe the act of being friendly to someone.

  • He tried to be friends with her, but she wasn't interested.
  • She was friends with everyone, but she never really got to know anyone.

When you use the word otherworldly, you are referring to things or people that are outside of the normal world. Otherworldly creatures might appear in your dreams, and people who are otherworldly might have special powers.

  • Otherworldly creatures inhabit the other side of the mirror.
  • Otherworldly creatures inhabit the world of dreams.

To marvel is to express amazement or admiration. When you marvel at something, you are surprised and impressed by it.

  • The child was marveling at the size of the tree.
  • The scientist was marveling at the complex structure of the molecule.