Why should you read “Fahrenheit 451”? - Iseult Gillespie

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A tome is a large book, usually written in a scholarly style. Some tomes are even very thick.

  • He is reading a tome on medieval history.
  • She is reading a tome on chemistry.

When something is ablaze, it is on fire. A building can be ablaze if there is a fire in the building, or if the building is set on fire.

  • The building was ablaze and the firefighters were trying to put the fire out.
  • The SUV was ablaze and the driver was killed.

Uttering is the act of speaking. When you utter a sentence, you are actually saying the words that are in that sentence.

  • He uttered a sentence that was not very polite.
  • She uttered a sentence that was not very helpful.

A prescient person is someone who is able to see the future. They often have a lot of knowledge about the future, and they are able to predict what will happen.

  • The prescient person claimed that the election would be close.
  • The prescient person claimed that there would be a terrorist attack.

To kindle something is to start it burning. When you kindle a fire, you get it going by adding wood or other materials.

  • The fire was kindled when they threw a match into the pile of wood.
  • The fire was kindled by the sun shining on the logs.

To amplify something is to make it louder or more visible. When you amplify a sound, you make it more clear and detectable.

  • The loudspeakers amplify the sound of the music.
  • The light amplifies the colors in the room.

To constrict something is to make it smaller or tighter. You might constrict a person's breathing or their blood flow in order to slow down or stop the process.

  • The doctor was trying to constrict the swelling on the leg.
  • The government is trying to constrict the amount of money that people can spend.

When something is circuited, it is connected in a series. This means that each part of the circuit is connected to the next part, and the whole circuit is always working.

  • The battery is not circuited, so it will not work if you try to plug it into the wall.
  • The circuit is circuited, so the light will turn on when you push the button.

A complicit person is someone who is involved in something that they know is wrong or bad. They might be aware of the illegal activities of the organization, but they choose to stay involved anyway.

  • The company is complicit in the illegal activities because they are helping to finance it.
  • The students are complicit in the bullying because they are participating in it.