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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Pale is a word that refers to the color white. When someone is pale, they are very pale, almost light-colored.

  • Her face had a pallor that was unusual for her.
  • The baby has a slight pallor because he's very sick.

When someone is sickly, they are not feeling well. Sometimes people use the word to describe people or animals who are not fit for their environment.

  • The chicken is sickly, and it's not going to be able to lay eggs for a while.
  • The sickly plants in the garden are not going to be able to survive.

To juxtapose something is to put it together in a way that is different from what is usually done. When you juxtapose a picture with a sentence, you are creating a contrast.

  • The photo was juxtaposed with a sentence about the dangers of smoking.
  • The sentence was juxtaposed with a picture of a person smoking a cigarette.

A narrator is a person who is telling a story. This person is usually not the person who is actually experiencing the events that are being described.

  • In the story, the narrator is the one who is telling the story from the perspective of the character named Alex.
  • The story is told by a narrator, who is telling the story from the perspective of the character named Tom.

When someone misinterprets something, they think that what they are saying is something that it isn't. They might think that the person they are talking to understands what they are saying when they really don't.

  • He misinterpretsed the meaning of her words and became angry.
  • She misinterpretsed his words and thought that he was insulting her.

Satires are poems or stories that are written to criticize or parody a particular topic. They often use humor to show how the subject matter is wrong or ridiculous.

  • The satire of the article criticized the way that the author talked about the topic.
  • The satire of the article parodied the way that the author wrote about the topic.

Mourning is a feeling of sadness and grief. When you mourn, you are sad and you miss the person or thing that you are mourning.

  • The funeral was very mournful, with people crying all the way through.
  • The song is very mournful, because it talks about the death of a loved one.

An antagonized person is angry and resentful. They often feel like their opponents are trying to fight them instead of working together.

  • The antagonized customer was the cause of the whole problem.
  • The antagonized employee is always arguing with the boss.

A posthumous award is an award that is given after someone's death. It is usually given to someone who has been very important in the life of the person who is giving the award, or to someone who has done something very special.

  • The posthumous award was given to him because of his influential work in the field of music.