Why people believe weird things | Michael Shermer

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To bingo is to make a mistake. Sometimes people use the word to describe making a lot of tiny mistakes.

  • His bingo score was high, which meant that he was making a lot of small mistakes.
  • She made a bingo mistake when she accidentally wrote her name in the wrong place.

To dowse is to feel your way around with your hand in water to check for obstacles. You can dowse for treasure, for water, or for gas.

  • He was trying to find his way through the dark maze, but he was getting lost and needed to dowse for a path.
  • The diver needed to dowse for gas before he could start his engine.

The governor is the head of a state or province. They are usually a politician who has been elected to this position.

  • The governor is trying to govern the state in a responsible way.
  • The governor is trying to improve the economy of the state.

To dismantle something is to take it apart and destroy it. If you dismantle a piece of furniture, you might break it down into its individual pieces.

  • The workers are dismantling the building to make it safe.
  • The police were called to dismantle the protest camp.

A hubcap is a type of wheel cover. It's usually made out of metal, and it's attached to the rim of the wheel.

  • The car needed a new hubcap because the old one was damaged.
  • The hubcap fell off of the car, and it needs to be replaced.

To squint is to close your eyes partially so that you can see better. When you squint, you get a little bit of a headache because you're not using your full range of vision.

  • He was squinting so that he could see better in the dark.
  • She was squinting because the light was too bright.

When something is puckered, it's wrinkled or compressed. The skin on the neck and chest of a person who is puckered is usually wrinkled.

  • The shirt was puckered after being dried.
  • The fabric of the dress was puckered after being wrinkled.

A hedgerow is a small row of trees or bushes that border a field or other area. They are used to protect the field from wind and rain.

  • The field is surrounded by a hedgerow to protect it from wind and rain.
  • The hedgerow is a part of the landscape, and it's important for the environment.