Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World πŸ”

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A genocide is a large-scale killing of a group of people. Genocide is often defined as the deliberate killing of more than half of a group of people.

  • The genocide in Rwanda was the systematic killing of more than 800,000 people.
  • The genocide in Syria is the systematic killing of more than 250,000 people.

A windowless room is a room that doesn't have any windows. This means that the room is very dark and difficult to see in.

  • The room was windowless, which made it very dark.
  • The room was windowless, which made it very cold.

A piglet is a young pig. A piglet is usually only a few weeks old, and it is still growing and learning.

  • The piglets are still learning how to survive in the wild.

To fatten something is to make it grow larger. You might fatten a chicken by feeding it a lot of food.

  • The cattle are being fattened up before they are slaughtered.
  • The dog was fattened up before it was given to the orphanage.

A feedlot is a large commercial farm where animals are raised for their meat. The animals are usually raised in pens that are very small, and they are fed a lot of food.

  • The feedlot is a very cruel way to raise animals, and it's not very healthy for them.
  • The feedlot is a necessary part of the meat industry.

Resistant means resistant to. When you resist something, you are trying to prevent it from happening.

  • The plant is resistant to frost.
  • The material is resistant to water.

The beaks of a bird are its primary eating instruments. They are used to eat food, and they are very important for the bird's survival.

  • The beaks of the birds are very sharp, which is why they are so good at eating food.
  • The beaks of the birds are also very tough, which is why they are able to eat a lot of tough food.

When someone is gassed, they are filled with a gas that is supposed to make them unconscious or weak. In some cases, the gas is supposed to kill them.

  • The soldiers were gassed and then stabbed.
  • The gas in the room was supposed to make the people unconscious, but it didn't work.

When something is snagged, it is caught on something. This can be a literal snagging, where something is caught on something else, or it can be more figurative.

  • I snagged my shirt on the wire as I was trying to cross the street.
  • The project has been snagged by the government shutdown.