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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Extinctions are events where a species of animal or plant goes extinct. This is a very serious issue because it means that the species is no longer alive and it can't be replaced.

  • The extinction of the dinosaurs was a very serious event.
  • The extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by a lot of different things, but one of the main reasons was the eruption of the volcano Mount St. Helens.

To rediscover something is to find it again after you've forgotten about it. Sometimes you might rediscover something that you lost, or you might find it again after it has been hidden away.

  • She rediscovered her love for cooking after she had to quit her job.
  • After he accidentally threw away all his old pictures, he rediscovered them and started using them again.

Skilling is the process of learning a new skill. When you skil, you are gradually learning the information and skills that are necessary to do the task that you are trying to learn.

  • She is skilling to be a doctor.
  • He is skilling to be a carpenter.

Brainpower is a term that is often used to describe the ability to think quickly and solve problems. It is often used to describe the ability to think creatively.

  • His brainpower is what got him through the test.
  • The company is using her brainpower to come up with new ideas.

A bookkeeper is a person who is responsible for keeping track of the finances of a company or organization. They make sure that all the money that is earned is properly accounted for and that the bills are paid.

  • The bookkeeper is going to need to account for the money that was spent on the party.
  • The bookkeeper is going to need to account for the money that was spent on the new equipment.

To counteract something is to do the opposite of it. If you counteract the effects of alcohol, you're trying to reduce the number of problems that it causes.

  • The doctor prescribed antibiotics to counteract the effects of the alcohol.
  • The teacher tried to counteract the negative effects of the video game by talking to the kids about the consequences.

Idiotic means stupid or foolish. When you call someone an idiotic idea, you are criticizing them for something that is obviously not going to work.

  • His idea was an idiotic way to solve the problem.
  • His idea was an idiotic way to spend our money.

To flex is to stretch or to bend a muscle. When you flex your arm, you are stretching the muscle.

  • He flexed his arm to show off his muscles.
  • The muscle in her flexed when she lifted the weight.

To bug is to spy on someone or to listen to their conversations without their permission. Sometimes people use the word to describe the act of entering someone's home without their permission.

  • They were bugging my office all day.
  • The police were bugging the suspect's house.