Why is meningitis so dangerous? - Melvin Sanicas

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To invade is to enter someone else's territory without their permission. When the United States invaded Iraq, they were breaking international law.

  • The United States invaded Iraq without a proper reason.
  • The invader is a group of people who have invaded the territory of the defender.

To sneeze is to cough violently. When you sneeze, you usually inhale a lot of air, which makes you cough.

  • When she sneezed, she accidentally hit him in the face with her sneeze.
  • He tried to cover his nose with his hand when he sneezed, but it was too late.

When something is stiff, it is not flexible or elastic. This can often happen when something is frozen or when it is dried out.

  • The fabric was stiff and difficult to move.
  • The flowers were stiff and difficult to move.

To worsen something is to make it worse. When the weather worsens, it becomes much colder and wetter.

  • The weather is worsening, and the storm is getting closer.
  • The situation has worsened since the last report.

Disrupting something is causing it to stop working or to cause a problem. If you disrupt the peace at a protest, you're causing a lot of anger and frustration.

  • The disruption was disrupting the process.
  • The disruption was causing a lot of problems.

Septicemia is a serious infection caused by bacteria that is often contracted from the environment. It can cause serious health problems, and it is often fatal.

  • He was diagnosed with septicemia, and he is in a lot of trouble.
  • The septicemia was caused by the rat that was living in the house.

To seep is to drip or leak slowly and steadily. When water seeps through the soil, it can slowly fill up any small holes that are present.

  • The water seeped through the cracks in the sidewalk.
  • The oil seeped under the surface of the water.

When something is discoloured, it has a different color than the color that it should have. This can be the result of something being stained or damaged.

  • The water was discoloured from the dye that was used to color it.
  • The shirt was discoloured after it got wet.

When something is blotchy, it is covered in small, ugly spots. Blots can be anything from a stain on a shirt to a smear on a wall.

  • The shirt was blotchy from the sweat.
  • The wall was blotchy from the paint.