Why is it so hard to escape poverty? - Ann-Helén Bay

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To disqualify someone is to rule them out as a possible candidate or winner. If you disqualify someone in a competition, you're telling them that they are not allowed to compete.

  • The judges disqualified the contestant for cheating.
  • The company disqualified the candidate for being too old.

To demoralize someone is to make them feel discouraged and discouraged about their chances of succeeding. When the team is demoralized, it is difficult for them to put up a good fight.

  • The team was demoralized by the loss, and they didn't have much of a chance of winning.
  • The demoralizing thing about the job is that it's always changing.

To perpetuate something is to keep it going or to keep it alive. Sometimes this means keeping it alive in the sense that you continue to produce it, but other times it means keeping it alive in the sense that it is remembered and remembered well.

  • The art museum wants to perpetuate the tradition of showcasing new artists.
  • The writer wants to perpetuate the memory of the author by writing her biography.

Incentivized means that someone is given something in exchange for doing something. This can be something good, like a raise, or something bad, like a punishment.

  • The company is incentivized to get more sales by giving bonuses to the employees.
  • The teacher is incentivized to get her students to do their homework by giving them detention.

Slows is a type of food that is usually served at restaurants. It is made from boiled and then mashed potatoes, and it is usually served with meats or vegetables.

  • I would like some slaws with my burger.
  • I didn't like the slaws that my friend ordered, they were too slow.

A cusp is a point on a curve or in a sequence where a change is happening. The cusp is the point where the curve becomes more curved or the sequence changes direction.

  • The cusp is the point where the river turns and starts flowing in a different direction.
  • The cusp is the point where the school year changes from elementary to middle school.

To penalize someone is to punish them for something that they have done. Sometimes the punishment is financial, but it can also be physical punishment.

  • The company is penalizing the workers for poor performance.
  • The company is penalizing the customers for not buying enough products.

To circumvent something is to go around it, to avoid it. Sometimes you may need to circumvent a roadblock in order to get to your destination.

  • He circumvented the roadblock by driving around it.
  • She circumvented the problem by asking a different question.

To champion something is to support it and promote it. If you champion the cause of the underdog, you are fighting for their rights and trying to make them successful.

  • She championed the cause of the homeless people, even though it was difficult.
  • He championed the cause of the underdog athletes, even though they didn't have a chance of winning.