Why is being scared so fun? - Margee Kerr

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A jumpstart is a quick and easy way to start your car. When you jumpstart your car, you connect the battery to the car's engine in order to start it.

  • The car didn't start, so I jumpstarted it with the battery.
  • I was trying to jumpstart my car, but it didn't work.

Nonessential items are things that you can do without. Often, this means things that are not very important or necessary.

  • The office is going to be closed on Friday because there are no essential employees available.
  • The company is closing down because there are no nonessential items left.

Worrisome is a word that is used to describe something that is dangerous or unpleasant. When you are worried, you are concerned about the safety of yourself or someone else.

  • The project is worrisome because it's very risky.
  • The sound of the water was very worrisome, because it made me think about the floods that had happened earlier in the year.

Euphoric means happy and excited. When someone is euphoric, they are feeling very good about themselves and their situation.

  • She was feeling euphoric after she won the race.
  • The party was very euphoric, because everyone was having a great time.

To relabel something is to change its name. Sometimes people use the word to refer to changing the definition of a word.

  • The company relabeled their products as "healthy alternatives."
  • The politician relabeled the economy as "strong."

To squeal is to make a high-pitched sound that is usually unpleasant. When a pig squeals, it is usually because it is in pain.

  • The pig squealed when it got hurt.
  • She squealed when she was caught stealing.

To recreate something is to make it exactly the same as it was before. When you recreate a painting, you copy the original painting exactly.

  • He recreated the painting exactly the way it was before.
  • She recreated the cake recipe exactly, down to the last detail.

To intensify something is to make it more intense. When you intensify the color of a painting, you make the color more vivid.

  • The painting is intensified with black and white.
  • The music is intensified with the use of loud instruments.

Oxytocin is a hormone that is produced in the brain when you are happy or when you are relaxed. It is often called the "cuddle hormone" because it is responsible for making you feel happy and content.

  • When she saw the baby, she started to produce a lot of oxytocin.
  • The drug is designed to increase the level of oxytocin in the brain, which is supposed to make you feel happy and relaxed.