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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A gunshot is a sound that is made when a gun is fired. The sound is loud and it can be heard a long way away.

  • The gunshot was so loud that it woke the baby up.
  • The gunshot was so loud that it shattered the window.

Tooth is a small piece of bone that is attached to the jawbone and is used to bite into things. Teeth are important for eating and chewing.

  • The animal has sharp teeth that are used to eat meat.
  • The animal has blunt teeth that are used to chew plants.

To frustrate someone is to make them feel frustrated and angry. Sometimes frustration can lead to anger, and sometimes anger can lead to more frustration.

  • The teacher was frustrated because the student didn't seem to be paying attention.
  • The student was frustrated because the teacher was making too many mistakes.

When something weakens, it becomes less strong or powerful. The muscle that weakens most quickly is the muscle that is used the most.

  • The muscle weakens when you don't use it.
  • The country's economy is weakening because of the war.

To tirelessly work is to work very hard. You might tirelessly try to save a person who is drowning, or you might tirelessly work on your homework.

  • She tirelessly works on her project every night.
  • He tirelessly works on his car every weekend.

When something offends someone, it makes them feel uncomfortable or angry. Sometimes the thing that offends someone is the way that they look, and other times it's the way that they behave.

  • The costume offended a lot of people, including the performer.
  • The movie offended a lot of people because it was very violent.

A furlough is a vacation that is taken by employees instead of being paid. A furlough might be a long or a short one, but it always includes time off from work.

  • The company is giving its employees a twoweek furlough so that they can take time off and relax.
  • The employee was given a twoweek furlough so that he could visit his family in the Philippines.

Consecutively means in a row. The sentences below are all consecutively numbered.

  • The flowers are consecutively numbered.
  • The students are consecutively numbered from 1 to 20.