Why don’t poisonous animals poison themselves? - Rebecca D. Tarvin

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To scald is to burn someone's skin with hot water, often accidentally. When you scald yourself, you're often doing it on purpose.

  • She scalded herself when she tried to take the pot off the stove.
  • The pot was scalding hot, and he couldn't take it off the stove.

Salamanders are a type of amphibian that lives in cold water. They are able to absorb water through their skin, so they are able to live in very cold environments.

  • Salamanders can live in cold water up to 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Salamanders can also survive in very dry environments.

A harpoon is a type of spear that is used to catch fish. It is usually made out of wood, but sometimes it is made out of metal.

  • He was using the harpoon to catch the fish.
  • The harpoon missed the fish, and instead hit the side of the boat.

To inactivate something is to turn it off or to stop it from working. When you inactivate the alarm on your watch, you stop it from ringing.

  • The alarm was inactivated when the watch was turned off.
  • The virus was inactivated when the vaccine was administered.

Alkaloids are a type of drug that is made from plants. Alkaloids are often very poisonous, and they can be very dangerous if they get into your system.

  • The alkaloid in the plant is what makes it poisonous.
  • The alkaloid in the plant is what makes it so dangerous.

A neurotoxic substance is a substance that can damage your brain. Some neurotoxic substances are chemicals that are used in manufacturing, and others are found in the environment.

  • The neurotoxic substance in the water is causing the fish to die.
  • The neurotoxic substance in the air is causing the people to get sick.

A neurotoxin is a type of poison that attacks the brain. Some neurotoxins can cause hallucinations and other symptoms that are very unpleasant.

  • The neurotoxin was found in the food, and it caused the people to have hallucinations.
  • The neurotoxin is a very dangerous poison, and it can kill you if you are exposed to it.

To dine is to have a meal. When you dine out, you're usually eating in a restaurant.

  • They dined at a fancy restaurant, and the bill was expensive.
  • They dined at a restaurant near the beach, and the food was delicious.

To repurpose something is to use it for a different purpose. You can repurpose an old object into something new, or you can use a new object to replace an old one.

  • The company is repurposing old furniture into new office furniture.
  • She repurposed the old dresser into a new dresser for her bedroom.