Why doesn’t anything stick to Teflon? - Ashwini Bharathula

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To evade is to avoid or escape. When the patrol tried to evade the dog, they were able to avoid being seen.

  • The patrol was able to evade the dog by running away.
  • The child was able to evade the teacher's questions by hiding under the table.

When it's raining, you should put on a raincoat. A raincoat is a type of coat that is designed to keep you dry when it's raining.

  • I need a raincoat because it's raining outside.
  • I forgot my raincoat, so I'll have to go without it.

When something goes spiraling out of control, it becomes much worse than it was originally. The situation might start out as a small problem, but it quickly becomes much worse.

  • The company's finances went spiraling out of control after they made a mistake.
  • The relationship went spiraling downhill after they started arguing all the time.

An intermolecular force is a force that is between molecules. It is usually stronger than the forces that are between the molecules themselves.

  • The intermolecular force between the water molecules is what makes it possible for them to freeze.
  • The intermolecular force between the gas molecules is what makes it possible for them to escape.

Sandblasting is a process that is used to remove paint or other surface coating from a surface. It is usually done using a powerful stream of water and sand.

  • The company is using sandblasting to remove the paint from the building.
  • The painter was sandblasted before he began to paint the house.

Flaked is an informal word that is used to describe someone who has quit their job or school. It is often used in a negative way, to describe someone who is not doing their job or school very well.

  • He flaked out on his work, and the boss was not happy.
  • She flaked out on her test, and she was not very happy about it.