Why do we dream? - Amy Adkins

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To unlearn something is to forget how to do it. Sometimes you might unlearn a skill because you no longer need it.

  • He needs to unlearn how to ride a bike because he no longer needs it.
  • She needs to unlearn how to speak Spanish because she's moved to a new country.

Storages are places where you can store things. You can use a storage to store your furniture, your clothes, or your toys.

  • I need to store my books in the library's storage.
  • The store is having a storage sale, so you can get a lot of discounts on the items in the storage.

To rehearse is to do something again, to practice it until you are comfortable with it. Sometimes people rehearse for a performance, and other times they rehearse for a test or an interview.

  • They rehearsed for weeks before their performance.
  • They rehearsed for hours before their test.

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that are responsible for communication between the different parts of the brain. They are involved in everything from moods to emotions to memory.

  • The neurotransmitters are responsible for the mood swings that she experiences.
  • The neurotransmitters are responsible for the memory that she has of the event.

Psychologically means in terms of the mind. Sometimes psychologists will use the word to refer to the effects that events have on people's emotions and behavior.

  • The event had a psychologically traumatic effect on him.
  • The event had a psychologically beneficial effect on her.