Why Beautiful Things Make us Happy – Beauty Explained

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Symmetrically means in a symmetrical way. When you look at a object from one direction, it will look the same from any other direction.

  • The flowers are symmetrically arranged.
  • The building is symmetrically designed.

Antlers are the horns that deer and other animals use to defend themselves. They are also used to attract mates.

  • The deer was wearing its antlers, which made it look big and fierce.
  • The antlers are a symbol of power and dominance for deer.

To say that something is hardwired is to say that it is something that is built into someone's DNA. Some things are hardwired into our brains, and we can't control them.

  • Some people are hardwired to be criminals.
  • Animals are hardwired to be afraid of snakes.

Imitations are things that are not really the original thing. For example, imitation diamonds are diamonds that are not made from real diamonds.

  • The imitation diamond is not as good as the real diamond.
  • The imitation leather is not as good as the real leather.

To pin something is to fasten it down with a pin. You might pin a dress down so that it doesn't move.

  • She pinned the dress down so that it wouldn't move.
  • He pinned the article to the wall so that it would stay in place.

Monotony is a state of being boring or repetitive. When something is monotonous, it is easy to get tired of it.

  • The job is very monotonous, and I'm starting to get tired of it.
  • The class is very monotonous, and I'm starting to get bored.

A facade is a front that is put up to disguise or conceal something. A facade can be the front that a person shows to the world, or the front that a company or organization shows to the public.

  • The company's facade is fake, and it's only meant to make people feel good.
  • The politician has a facade of being a good, honest guy, but he's actually a thief.

Aesthetically means in terms of appearance. When you say that something is aesthetically pleasing, you mean that you find it pleasing to look at.

  • The painting is aesthetically pleasing, even though it's not very realistic.
  • The new shoes are very stylish, and they look very aesthetically pleasing on her feet.

Measurably is adverbially. When you say that something is measurably different, you are saying that it is different in a way that can be measured.

  • The temperature was measurably colder outside.
  • The test was measurably harder than the practice test.