Why are we so attached to our things? - Christian Jarrett

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video

Neuroscientists are scientists who study the brain. They are often interested in understanding how the brain works, and how different parts of the brain work together.

  • neuroscientists are trying to figure out how the brain works.
  • neuroscientists are studying the brain to find out how to treat diseases.

Flickers are brief flashes of light. They can be seen when you look at a light from a certain angle, or when you move your eyes quickly around.

  • The flickers of light were very strange.
  • The flickers of light were coming from the fire.

Horrified is a word that is used to describe a very strong reaction to something. When you are horrified, you are very surprised and upset.

  • She was horrified when she saw the accident.
  • I was horrified when I saw the accident on TV.

When something is imbued with a certain quality, it has that quality embedded in it. The word often refers to things that have been blessed or enchanted.

  • The book was imbued with the power to heal.
  • The ring was imbued with the power to protect.

Heirlooms are things that are special and valuable to you. They are usually things that your family or ancestors had.

  • His grandfather gave him his old heirloom watch.
  • The family is planning to put all of their heirlooms in a museum.

A centimeter is a unit of length that is equal to one hundredth of a meter. It's usually abbreviated with the abbreviation "cm."

  • The car is two meters long, so it's written 2 cm.
  • The car is one centimeter long, so it's written 1 cm.

Hoarding is a condition where people accumulate too much stuff. They might hoard food, possessions, or even emotions.

  • She has a problem with hoarding, and she has to get rid of all of her junk every week.
  • His house is full of hoarded items, and he can't even find anything anymore.

To be protective is to have a strong desire to keep someone safe. Sometimes people use the word to describe the feeling of being jealous or protective of someone.

  • He was very protective of her, even going so far as to attack the other man.
  • She was very protective of her home, always locking the doors and windows.