Why are sloths so slow? - Kenny Coogan

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Mastodons were large animals that lived in the Pleistocene period. They were very similar to today's elephants, but they were much larger.

  • Today's elephants are descendants of the mastodons.
  • The mastodons were extinct around 10,000 BC, which is when humans first appeared on the scene.

Armadillos are animals that are related to the sloth. They have a long snout and they are able to roll up into a ball to protect themselves.

  • Armadillos are good at hiding, which is why they are so common in the Everglades.

Ambled means to walk slowly and leisurely. When you ambled down the street, you were taking your time and enjoying the scenery.

  • He ambled down the street, enjoying the warm weather.
  • She ambled down the street, taking her time and looking at all of the different shops.

Savannas are grasslands that are found in warm climates. They are usually found in areas that have a lot of rainfall.

  • The savannas are a type of grassland that is found in Africa.
  • The savannas are a type of grassland that is found in North America.

To uproot something is to take it away from where it is and move it somewhere else. If you uproot a plant, you take it out of the ground and move it to a different location.

  • The farmer was uproot his crops and moving them to a new location.
  • The company is uproot its headquarters and moving them to a new city.

To go up a tree is to go to a high place. A lot of trees have branches that go up high into the air.

  • She went up the tree to get a better view.
  • The children were playing up in the tree, and the parents wanted to make sure they didn't get too close to the branches.

When trees are up in the sky, they are called treetops. Treetops are high enough up that they get a lot of sunlight, and they are able to use that sunlight to make food.

  • The trees are so tall because they are growing up into the treetops.
  • The trees are using their leaves to grow up into the treetops.

A chambered vessel is one that has a space inside it that is designed to hold something. This space can be used to store things like food or ammunition.

  • The gun has a chambered barrel, which means that it can fire bullets.
  • The ship has a chambered hull, which means that it can resist damage from water.

Unhurried means not hurried. When you are Unhurried, you are not rushing around, and you are not stressed out.

  • He was very ununhurried, which made the situation even worse.
  • The workers were ununhurried, which made it difficult to get the job done.