Why Age? Should We End Aging Forever?

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Rusts are a type of fungi that can cause damage to metal. They cause the metal to become rusty and black, and it can be very difficult to remove the rust.

  • The rusts are attacking the metal parts of the car.
  • The rusts are attacking the metal parts of the boat.

When you say that something is senselessly, you mean that there is no reason for it. It's like saying that something is senseless.

  • The violence was senselessly done.
  • The accident was senselessly caused.

Babble is to speak nonsense or gibberish. Babble often happens when people are nervous or excited, and they can't stop themselves from talking.

  • She babbled nonsensically the whole time she was talking.
  • He babbled nonsensically the whole time he was on the phone.

To prolong something is to make it last longer than normal. Sometimes people prolong a fight or argument by refusing to stop.

  • He tried to prolong the argument by refusing to listen.
  • The party was prolonging the party by playing music all night.

Inefficiently is a word that is used to describe something that is not working the way that it should. When something is inefficient, it's not using all of the resources that it can use.

  • The machine is inefficiently converting the energy into electricity.
  • The company is inefficiently managing their resources.

To transplant is to move a plant or plant part from one place to another. You can transplant a plant into a new soil or into a new container.

  • They are transplanting the tree to a new location.
  • They are transplanting the flowers into a new vase.

Hubristic is a word that describes someone who is too proud of themselves, and thinks that they are better than everyone else. This can lead to them making big mistakes.

  • The hubristic CEO thought that he could do it all on his own, and he ended up failing.
  • The hubristic athlete thought that he was the best that ever was, and he was wrong.

The person is unconvinced because they don't believe that the argument or proposal is going to work. They might be unconvinced about the idea or the person who is proposing it.

  • She was unconvinced by his argument and refused to discuss it further.
  • I'm not convinced that the plan is going to work, and I want to see more evidence before we take any action.

To nag is to insistently ask someone to do something. Often, nagging is used to get someone to do something that they don't want to do.

  • She nagged him until he finally agreed to do the project.
  • She nags him about doing his chores every day, even though he already does them.