Who are you, really? The puzzle of personality | Brian Little

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Lackadaisical means lazy and uninterested. When you are lackadaisical about something, you are not caring about it or trying to do it as well as you could.

  • He was always lackadaisical about his homework, and he never got good grades.
  • She was always lackadaisical about her job, and she never got promoted.

Extroverts are people who are more outgoing and talkative than introverts. They are usually more active and engaged in the world around them.

  • He is very extroverted, which is why he talks so much.
  • She is very introverted, which is why she doesn't talk very much.

The agreeableness trait is a personality trait that is usually associated with being kind and friendly. It is also sometimes referred to as the niceness trait.

  • The study found that the people who were rated as being the most agreeable were also the happiest.
  • He is very agreeable, and that's why he always gets along with people.
  • The more agreeable people are, the easier it is for them to make friends.

Extroverts are people who are more outgoing and talkative than introverts. They are usually more energized and happy than introverts, and they are usually better at dealing with other people.

  • He is an extrovert and he loves spending time with other people.
  • She is an introvert and she loves spending time alone.

Introverts are people who are usually quiet and reserved. They often find social situations intimidating, and they often need time alone to recharge.

  • She's an introvert and she's not very good at socializing.
  • He's an introvert and he doesn't like being around people.

An extroverted person is usually more sociable than an introverted person. They are more likely to be talkative and outgoing, and they are usually better at making friends.

  • He is very extroverted and he is always talking to people.
  • She is an introverted person and she doesn't enjoy being around people.

Neuroticism is a personality disorder that is characterized by anxiety and mood swings. People with neuroticism are often difficult to deal with, and they have a hard time maintaining stable relationships.

  • He has a lot of anxiety, and he often has mood swings.
  • She is very neurotic, and she has a hard time maintaining stable relationships.

To pigeonhole someone is to put them into a particular category, to label them with a specific name. This can often be a negative thing, because it means that the person is limited in what they can do.

  • The teacher pigeonholes her students into different groups based on their test scores.
  • The journalist pigeonholes the interviewees into one of two categories: criminals or victims.