Where does gold come from? - David Lunney

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Eccentrics are people who are different from the norm. They are often imaginative and creative, and they tend to be attracted to unusual things.

  • He is an eccentric artist who does strange and unusual things with his art.
  • She is an eccentric clothes designer who experiments with new styles.

A cataclysmic event is a very large and important event. A cataclysmic event can be a war, a natural disaster, or a change in government.

  • The cataclysmic event was the end of the world.
  • The cataclysmic event was the death of the president.

A supernova is a type of stellar explosion. When a star becomes too big and too hot, it can eventually collapse in on itself and explode. This explosion is called a supernova.

  • The supernova was so bright that it was visible from Earth.
  • The supernova was so powerful that it destroyed most of the planet's atmosphere.

The subatomic level is the smallest level of the universe that we can see or measure. At the subatomic level, particles like atoms are still moving around.

  • The subatomic particles were moving so quickly that they couldn't be seen.

To repell is to make something unpleasant or unpleasant to look at or smell stay away. If you repell insects, you're preventing them from getting close to your house.

  • The smell of the perfume repelled the mosquitoes.
  • The paint repelled the water, making it easy to clean.

To propel something is to push or move it forward. A rocket propels itself forward by using a fuel that is stored inside the rocket.

  • The rocket propelled itself into the sky.
  • The boat was propelled forward by the current.

To condense something is to make it shorter and easier to understand. You can condense a long story into a few brief sentences, or you can condense a complex theory into a few easy to understand points.

  • He tried to condense the history of the world into a few short sentences.
  • The teacher tried to condense the theory of evolution into a few simple points.

To knead something is to stir it or to massage it. You might knead dough to make bread, or you might knead a dough ball to make it a little softer.

  • The dough was kneaded for an hour to give it a nice texture.
  • He kneaded the dough for a long time to make it soft and elastic.

When something is miniscule, it is small and insignificant. It might not be very good or important, and it might not be worth your time to deal with it.

  • The miniscule problem was solved by a tiny change in the policy.
  • The miniscule problem was not solved at all, and it's now getting worse.