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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When something is undetected, it is not noticed or detected. This can refer to anything from a criminal who is hiding to a virus that is still undetected.

  • The police were unable to detect the burglar, despite their efforts.
  • The virus is still undetected, which is why nobody knows how to stop it.

Frauds are people who try to cheat other people. They might use false information or fake documents to try to deceive their victims.

  • The company is doing a lot of frauds by lying about their products.
  • She was caught trying to fraudulently purchase a ticket online.

The ethicists are a group of people who are interested in the ethical implications of different decisions. They are usually experts in one particular area of ethics, and they can often provide valuable advice.

  • The ethicists argued that the treaty was a bad idea because it would cause too many problems.
  • The ethicists argued that the treaty would be a good idea because it would prevent war.

Neuroscientists are scientists who study the brain. They are often interested in understanding how the brain works, and how different parts of the brain work together.

  • neuroscientists are trying to figure out how the brain works.
  • neuroscientists are studying the brain to find out how to treat diseases.

A bratwurst is a type of sausage that is usually made from pork sausage. It is usually served hot, with a variety of spices mixed into it.

  • The restaurant serves up a variety of bratwurst flavors, including garlic, onion, and pepper.

The benevolence of a person is their kindness and willingness to help other people. benevolence is usually shown through their actions, not their words.

  • The benevolence of the nurse was shown through her actions, not her words.
  • The benevolence of the president was shown through his actions, such as helping the poor.

Ruining something is to completely destroy it. If you ruin a shirt, you cause it to become completely torn and ruined.

  • The party was ruined by the rain.
  • The party was ruined by the loud noise.

A hairstyle is just one part of a woman's hairdo. A woman might have a hairstyle that is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between.

  • She has a very traditional hairstyle, with her hair pulled back into a bun.
  • She has a modern hairstyle, which is a little more loose.
  • She has a hairstyle that is somewhere in between, with her hair pulled back into a bun and some of it left down.