What really happened to the Library of Alexandria? - Elizabeth Cox

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A namesake is a person who is named after someone else. This means that the person's name is based on the name of the person who is the namesake.

  • His daughter was born just a few days after his wife's namesake died.
  • The company is selling products named after the famous actor.

To dock is to tie a ship or boat to a dock so that it can be unloaded or loaded. Sometimes the dock can also be used to moor a ship or boat.

  • The ship was docked at the port, which meant that it could be unloaded and sold.
  • The ship was docked at the port, which meant that it could be loaded with cargo and sent back out to sea.

A scribe is a person who is responsible for taking down the words that are spoken in a meeting or conference. They usually use a notepad to record what is said.

  • The scribes were taking down the meeting minutes.
  • The scribes were taking down the conference agenda.

To scour is to clean something very carefully. You might scour a dish by washing it in many different directions.

  • She scoured the kitchen clean before she started cooking.
  • The police scoured the area for clues.

To quash something is to make it stop or to suppress it. If you quash the rebellion, you stop the people from protesting.

  • The government tried to quash the rebellion by force.
  • The teacher tried to quash the students' protests by using force.

To reinvent something is to create a new version of it. When you reinvent a product, you create a new version that is different from the original.

  • The company reinvented the wheel by coming up with a new design.
  • The actress reinvented herself by starring in a new movie.

To thrive is to do well, to be successful. When a plant or animal thrives, it is able to grow and survive in difficult conditions.

  • The plant thrived in the hot, dry environment.
  • The business thrived when the new CEO was hired.

Blasphemous means offensive to God or sacred things. When the protesters shouted blasphemous slogans, they were insulting God and his creations.

  • The protesters shouted blasphemous slogans during the demonstration.
  • The blasphemous language in the novel is offensive to many people.

Ineffective, harmful, or detrimental effects or results that are not easily noticed or recognized. The insidious effects of climate change are not easy to see or understand, and they are going to be a problem in the future.

  • The insidious effects of the war are going to be felt by the civilians years later.
  • The insidious effects of the economic recession are still being felt today.