What "Orwellian" really means - Noah Tavlin

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To inundate is to flood or cover in water. When the river flooded, it covered the town in water.

  • The town was inundated by the flood.
  • The company's computer system was inundated by a virus.

Double speak is the use of language that is designed to seem honest but is actually deceiving. For example, a politician might say one thing, but mean another.

  • The politician is using double speak by saying that he is against the treaty, but he actually supports it.
  • The company is using double speak by saying that they are going to increase the salary, but they are actually going to give the employees a raise.

To corrupt is to damage or harm someone's morals or character. When politicians are corrupt, they are usually taking bribes from people who want to get something done.

  • The politician was accused of being corrupt after he took the bribes.
  • The movie is about the corruption of the city's government.

To crudely is to do something in a crude or careless way. When you crudely insult someone, you insult them in a way that is not polite or civil.

  • He crudely insulted her during the debate.
  • He crudely handled the object that he was carrying.

Nuanced means complicated or nuanced. When you say that something is nuanced, you mean that there are a lot of different possible interpretations of it.

  • The article is very nuanced, which is why it's difficult to understand.
  • The article is very nuanced, which is why it's difficult to understand.

Dissonance is a feeling of confusion or dissatisfaction. When two things are dissonant, they don't match or they don't sound right together.

  • The music was dissonant because the sound of the violin was not matching the sound of the piano.
  • The new policy is dissonant with the old policy because it's more open.

Euphemisms are terms that are used to replace words that are considered to be offensive, hurtful, or embarrassing. For example, instead of saying "penis," people might say "member."

  • The teacher used a euphemism to describe the test.
  • The doctor tried to use a euphemism to describe the surgery.

convoluted means complicated, difficult to understand. The sentence is convoluted because it is hard to understand what the author is trying to say.

  • The legal system is quite convoluted, and it's difficult to understand what is going on.
  • The sentence is convoluted because it is hard to follow.

Soundbites are short, memorable phrases that you use to explain your ideas or opinions. You might use soundbites to talk about your political views, your favorite foods, or your experiences with a certain subject.

  • He gave a few soundbites about his campaign platform.
  • The reporter used soundbites throughout her article to illustrate her points.