What makes muscles grow? - Jeffrey Siegel

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To wither is to die or to become shriveled and weak. If a plant is withering away, it is becoming less and less healthy.

  • The flowers are wilting because of the hot weather.
  • The trees are wilting because of the drought.

A rally is a large public gathering that is usually organized to support a particular cause or group. rallies can be peaceful or they can be filled with violence and chaos.

  • The rally was peaceful, but the protesters were very noisy.
  • The rally turned into a riot when the protesters started throwing rocks at the police.

To yank something is to pull it quickly and violently. You might yank a rope to pull a boat across the river.

  • He was yanking on the rope to pull the boat away from the dock.

Leveraged means that something is being used to increase the power or influence of someone or something else. When a company is leveraged, it has borrowed a lot of money to buy a lot of shares in that company.

  • The company was leveraged when it borrowed a lot of money to buy a lot of shares in the company.
  • The government is leveraged when it has borrowed a lot of money to buy a lot of bonds.

Cytokines are proteins that help the body to fight infection. They are released by the body in response to infection, and they help to protect the body from damage.

  • The cytokines released by the body help to fight the infection.
  • The cytokines released by the body can cause inflammation.

To hypertrophy something is to grow it very large. When you hypertrophy a muscle, you are making it grow a lot bigger than it would normally grow.

  • He hypertrophy his muscles by working out every day.
  • The muscle hypertrophy caused her shoulder to become very large.

When someone is working on a lot of different tasks, they are said to have a workload. This means that their job is difficult and they are often tired.

  • She has a heavy workload because she has to do a lot of different things.
  • The company is having a lot of trouble with their workload because they are trying to do too many things at once.

To atrophy is to slowly lose the ability to do something. If you atrophy your muscles, you will not be able to move as well as you used to.

  • The muscles atrophy when you don't use them.
  • The plant will atrophy if it is not watered.

To lengthen something is to make it longer or more extensive. You can lengthen an event by adding more time to it, or you can lengthen a sentence by adding more words.

  • The film was only 20 minutes long, but the director wanted it to be longer.
  • The sentence is too short, I need to add more words to make it more like a essay.