What Is Life? Is Death Real?

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To regulate something is to control or manage it. Regulations are rules that are put in place to control the way that something is done.

  • The government is trying to regulate the amount of pollution that is allowed in the city.
  • The company is trying to regulate the amount of sugar that is in the chocolate.

To react is to have a reaction to something. When you react angrily, you are feeling a lot of anger and frustration.

  • She reacted angrily when he said that he wasn't going to help her.
  • He reacted with surprise when she said that she was going to leave.

To invade is to enter a country illegally or to attack it militarily. When the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, they were breaking the law by doing so.

  • The invaders were able to enter the country without being noticed.
  • The invaders were able to attack the city without being noticed.

To reanimate something is to bring it back to life. This can be done by using magic, science, or some other method.

  • The magician tried to reanimate the pet dinosaur, but it didn't work.
  • The scientist tried to reanimate the dead mouse, but it didn't work.

To blur something is to make it difficult to see or understand. When you're driving, you might blur the lines between the black and white lanes.

  • The driver was going too fast and blurs the lines between the lanes.
  • The article blurs the line between fact and fiction.

Mitochondria are the cells in your body that produce energy. They are usually found in the cells of your muscles, heart, and brain.

  • Mitochondria are important because they help your body to function properly.

Inanimate things are things that don't have a life of their own. This means that they don't have a mind or a heart, and they can't feel or understand anything.

  • The inanimate objects in the room were all very dusty.
  • The inanimate object was very clumsy, and it almost knocked over the vase.