What is imposter syndrome and how can you combat it? - Elizabeth Cox

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A swindler is someone who tricks other people into believing that they are doing something that they are not actually doing. Swindlers often use words and phrases that sound official or legitimate.

  • The swindler claimed to be a tax lawyer, but he was actually a fraudster.
  • The swindler tried to sell me a fake diamond necklace.

To fraudulently do something is to do it in a way that is dishonest. You can fraudulently cheat on a test, for example, or you can fraudulently take advantage of someone else.

  • The company was accused of fraudulence after they were found to be selling fake products.
  • The politician was accused of fraudulence after he was found to be filing false expenses.

An imposter is someone who poses as someone else. They might pretend to be someone famous or important, or they might pretend to be someone from a different country.

  • He was arrested for being an imposter, and he was wearing someone else's clothes.
  • The school's security guard is trying to catch the imposter who has been impersonating the principal.

When you say that someone or something is underrepresented, you are saying that they are not very common or that they are not being given the opportunity to be heard.

  • There are a lot of underrepresented minorities in the government.
  • There are a lot of underrepresented voices in the media.

To downplay something is to make it seem less important or serious. Sometimes people downplay the importance of safety in order to make a decision.

  • The company downplayed the importance of the safety precaution and carried on with the experiment.
  • The teacher downplayed the importance of the test and gave the students a low score.

Pluralistic refers to the idea that there are many different types of people in the world, and that we should be tolerant of each other.

  • The school is trying to be more pluralistic by allowing students to choose which languages they want to learn.
  • She is a pluralistic thinker, which means that she is open to different opinions.

Surefire means guaranteed to work. When you say that something is surefire, you are telling people that there is a very high chance that it will work.

  • The surefire way to stop a fire is to pour water on it.
  • The surefire way to win an election is to campaign heavily.

To revisit something is to go back and look at it again. You might revisit a memory or a place that you used to visit a lot.

  • He revisited the old home town once a year to see if he could find any clues to his mother's whereabouts.
  • They are planning to revisit some of the old scenes from the movie.

To banish someone is to send them away from a place, usually because they have done something wrong. Sometimes people use the word to describe the act of making someone disappear.

  • He banished the dragon by casting a spell on it.
  • The king banished all of the rebels from the kingdom.