What is bipolar disorder? - Helen M. Farrell

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Euphoric means happy and excited. When someone is euphoric, they are feeling very good about themselves and their situation.

  • She was feeling euphoric after she won the race.
  • The party was very euphoric, because everyone was having a great time.

To be sleepless is to not get enough sleep. When you're sleepless, you often feel tired and irritable.

  • He always gets a good night's sleep, but she's always sleepless.
  • She's been having trouble sleeping lately, and she's been sleepless most of the time.

To subside is to gradually decrease in size or intensity. The ocean will subside after it has dumped all of its water onto the shore.

  • The storm subsided after a few hours.
  • The dispute subsided after the parties agreed to a compromise.

Slowness is the opposite of speed. When something is slow, it moves or happens slowly.

  • The car was moving very slowly, which made it difficult to cross the street.
  • The project is moving very slowly, which is why it's taking so long.

Haywire is a term that is often used to describe something that is out of control. A machine or system that is haywire is not working the way it should, and it is causing a lot of problems.

  • The chair was haywire and it kept moving.
  • The computer system was haywire and it was crashing all the time.

When someone is disorganized, they are not properly organized. This means that their belongings are not in a systematic order, and their files are not organized.

  • The office is disorganized, which is why it's difficult to find anything.
  • The student's desk was a disaster, with papers all over the place and no organization whatsoever.

Overabundance is the state of having too much of something. Sometimes people use the word to describe the situation where there is too much of a particular type of thing.

  • The factory was producing too much salt, which led to an overabundance of salt on the market.
  • The tree overabundantly produces fruit, which is a nuisance for the residents.

Antipsychotics are drugs that are used to treat people who have a mental health disorder. They are also sometimes used to treat people who are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol.

  • The antipsychotic helped to reduce the patient's symptoms significantly.
  • The antipsychotic is being used to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia.

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a type of treatment that uses electric shocks to treat mental disorders. ECT is usually used in combination with other treatments, such as medication and therapy.

  • ECT is a very powerful treatment, and it can be dangerous if it's not done correctly.
  • The patient had a very bad reaction to ECT, and they needed to be hospitalized.