What if We Nuke a City?

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To drip is to drop something slowly and gradually. When you drip paint, you are letting the paint fall slowly from a brush.

  • The water was dripping from the tree onto the ground.
  • The oil was dripping from the tip of the candle.

When something is superheated, it is heated to a high temperature. This can be a dangerous condition, because it can cause materials to break down or boil.

  • The soup was superheated and exploded when it was poured into the bowl.
  • The metal was superheated and started to melt.

explosively means very quickly and violently. When something explodes, it suddenly breaks and releases a lot of energy.

  • The bomb exploded explosively, destroying most of the building.
  • The dispute exploded explosively into a physical fight.

A laceration is a wound that is not very deep, but that is still serious. Lacerations can be caused by any kind of object, and they can be very painful.

  • He sustained a laceration to the head due to the fall.
  • She sustained a laceration to her arm when she was attacked by a dog.

An impassable barrier is a barrier that is too difficult or impossible to cross. A wall that is impassable is too high or too thick to get through.

  • The bridge was destroyed by a storm, and so the barrier to the city was now impassable.
  • The war has caused so much destruction that the barrier to the city is now impassable.

When something is unburned, it hasn't been burned. This means that the wood hasn't been treated with a burning substance, like woodchips.

  • The unburned wood made the fire even more dangerous.
  • The unburned wood made the fire even more likely to spread.

When you make a vow, you promise to do something in the future. Vowels are sounds that are spoken in the anglophone world.

  • She made a vow to never eat sugar again.
  • He made a vow to stop being such a lazybones.