What if the World turned to Gold? - The Gold Apocalypse

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To rearrange something is to move it or to change its position. When you rearrange the furniture in your room, you're trying to make it more comfortable.

  • The teacher rearranged the desks after the students did not follow her instructions.
  • The office manager rearranged the files after they were misplaced.

To spatter is to throw something in a random direction. When you spatter paint all over the wall, you're not trying to make a specific design.

  • He spattered paint all over the wall when he was trying to make a mess.
  • The baby spattered milk all over the floor when she was trying to feed herself.

To implode is to collapse or to fall apart suddenly. When the building imploded, it collapsed completely and all the people inside were killed.

  • The building imploded because of the leak in the roof.
  • The team imploded after they lost the game.

To detonate is to cause something to explode. This can be a literal explosion, or it can be a more figurative explosion, such as when a plan or idea is finally realized.

  • The plan was supposed to detonate after a certain date, but it never happened.
  • His plan to detonate the bomb at a specific time was foiled by the police.

When someone is catapulted, they are suddenly thrown into a different situation or position. This can be a very dangerous experience, and it can often lead to injury or death.

  • He was catapulted out of the window, and landed in the garden below.
  • She was catapulted into the air when the building collapsed.

To vaporize something is to turn it into a gas or vapor. This usually happens when you heat something up too much, and the energy is turned into heat and vapor.

  • The plant was vaporized when the heater was turned all the way up.
  • The chemical was vaporized when it was exposed to the flame.

To outshine is to be more visible or successful than someone else. When you outshine your competition, you are usually doing well.

  • He outshined his competitors by winning the competition.
  • She outshined her sisters by winning the scholarship.

When something is reassembled, it is put back together again. The pieces might have been damaged or destroyed, and the reassembler is responsible for putting them all back together.

  • The team was unable to reassemble the machine, so they had to throw it away.
  • The broken glass had to be reassembled before it could be cleaned up.

A weightlifter is someone who trains to lift weights. They often use weights that are very heavy, and they need to be able to lift them quickly and easily.

  • The weightlifter is training for the Olympics, and she is training with the heaviest weights possible.
  • The weightlifter is training to be able to lift a weight very quickly and easily.