What I learned from going blind in space | Chris Hadfield

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To sway is to move slightly from side to side. If you sway your arm back and forth, you're probably doing it to make someone feel uncomfortable.

  • The crowd was swaying back and forth to the music.
  • The wind was swaying the tree branches gently.

Shouldering something is taking on the responsibility or burden of something. When you shoulder a burden, you are doing it voluntarily and you are usually willing to spend a lot of time and energy on it.

  • The company shouldered the cost of the damage.
  • She shouldered most of the work load when she was the only person on the job.

A spacesuit is a type of clothing that is worn by astronauts when they are in space. It is designed to keep them warm and safe, and it is made from materials that are resistant to the space environment.

  • The spacesuit was too tight, and it was making it difficult to breathe.
  • The spacesuit was too big, and it was making it difficult to move around.

Recluses are people who live by themselves, without any contact with other people. They might live in a remote area, or they might live in a small town that is not very welcoming to outsiders.

  • The reclusive author lives in a secluded part of the country.
  • The reclusive painter has never shown her work to anyone else.

Spiderwebs are webs made by spiders. They are often used to catch small insects.

  • The spiderwebs were tangled up all over the room.
  • The spiderwebs are a good way to catch spiders.

The hardpan is a type of soil that is very difficult to dig up. It is usually found in areas that have been dry for a long time.

  • The hardpan is a problem because it's difficult to get the water out.
  • The hardpan is a problem because it's difficult to plant crops in it.

Detaches means to separate or to break away. When you detach a piece of paper from a document, you are breaking the connection between the two.

  • The child detached the toy from the string without breaking the connection.
  • The soldiers detached the bomb from the truck without injuring anyone.