What happens when your DNA is damaged? - Monica Menesini

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When two things are mismatches, they are not compatible. This means that they don't work well together.

  • The dress was a mismatch for the occasion.
  • The shoes were a mismatch for the outfit.

Cytosine is a type of DNA molecule. DNA is the molecule that is responsible for the information that is found in the chromosomes of cells.

  • Cytosine is the nucleotide that contains the genetic information.

To excise is to remove something from a place. You might excise a tumor from a person's body.

  • The surgery was very successful and they were able to excise the tumor without causing any additional damage.

To snip something is to cut it short. When you snip a piece of cloth, you are cutting it short so that it will fit better.

  • She was snipping at the fabric with her scissors.
  • The scissors are snipping at the fabric.

To distort something is to make it look or sound different from the way it is supposed to look or sound. When you distort a picture, you are making it look blurry or wrong.

  • The distortion made the image look pixelated.
  • The distortion made the audio sound distorted.

If something is undamaged, it is not harmed or damaged in any way. This might mean that the object is still in the same condition as when it was bought, or it might mean that the object has only minor damage.

  • The vehicle was undamaged, which was a relief.
  • The building was undamaged, which was a surprise.

To interlace something is to weave it together in a pattern. You can interlace text, images, or even pieces of fabric.

  • The pattern on the dress is interlaced with the pattern on the skirt.
  • The fabric on the shirt is interlaced with the fabric on the pants.