What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth?

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Denser means thicker. When you describe something as denser, you are saying that it is more concentrated or thicker than usual.

  • The solution was more dense than water.
  • The soup was denser than usual, because it was made with barley.

The chromosphere is the layer of the Earth's atmosphere that is closest to the sun. It's made up of gas and dust particles, and it's very hot.

  • The chromosphere is responsible for the sun's visible light.

When something implodes, it suddenly collapses or breaks apart. The buildings imploded after the earthquake, and the whole thing was very scary.

  • The balloon imploded when it was inflated with air.
  • The toy exploded when he squeezed it too hard.

To shatter something is to break it into pieces. If you shatter a glass, you're breaking the glass into small pieces.

  • The glass shattered when he dropped it.
  • The argument turned violent, and the glass shattered.

A rupture is a break in something. When a pipeline ruptures, a lot of oil and gas leaks out.

  • The rupture in the pipe caused a lot of damage.
  • The rupture in the contract caused a lot of problems.

A photosphere is a region of the Earth's atmosphere that is brightly lit by the Sun. This region is usually located above the Earth's surface, and it is very bright.

  • The photosphere is very bright because the Sun is shining on it.
  • The photosphere is usually a very colorful region.

A thermonuclear war is a war that is fought with weapons that use heat instead of bullets or bombs. This type of war is incredibly destructive and can destroy everything in a very short amount of time.

  • The thermonuclear war that was predicted happened in 1991.
  • The thermonuclear war that was predicted never happened, but it could have.

A megaton is a unit of energy that is equal to one million tons of TNT. That's a lot of energy!

  • The bomb destroyed a megaton of materials.
  • The bomb destroyed a megaton of buildings.

The eardrums are the small, round pieces of tissue that protect the inner ear. They are located behind the ears and inside the head.

  • The eardrums are very delicate and can easily be damaged.
  • The eardrums are very sensitive to loud noises.