What Happens if the Moon Crashes into Earth?

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To careen is to move quickly and erratically. If you careen down a hill, you are at risk of crashing into things.

  • The car careened off the road and into a ditch.
  • She careened down the street in her car, without looking where she was going.

When something recedes, it gradually goes away or decreases in size. The ocean recedes as the tide goes out.

  • The recession has caused a lot of businesses to go bankrupt.
  • The recession has caused the stock market to recede.

Sloshing is a type of noise that is usually made when liquid is being moved around. It sounds like a waterfall and it's usually very loud.

  • The sound of the water sloshing was really loud.
  • The sound of the water sloshing made it difficult to hear the person talking.

Geosynchronous is a type of orbit that is close to the Earth's equator. This means that the orbit stays fixed in the same place above the Earth's equator.

  • The satellite is in a geosynchronous orbit.

When something is unmoving, it is not moving. A statue is usually unmoving, even if it is moving slightly.

  • The statue was very unmoving, even in the wind.
  • The water was very unmoving, even when the waves were crashing against it.

To flex is to stretch. When you flex a muscle, you are making it work harder.

  • He flexed his arm to show his muscles.
  • The muscles in her arm were flexed as she lifted the weight.

The hardiest plants are the ones that are able to survive in the harshest conditions. They are the ones that are able to grow in the coldest weather, and the ones that are able to thrive in the most hostile environments.

  • The hardiest plants are the ones that are able to resist frost.
  • The hardiest plants are the ones that are able to resist drought.

To disintegrate is to break down into smaller pieces or to become completely ruined. When something disintegrates, it usually doesn't last very long.

  • The paint started to peel off the wall, and soon the wall was disintegrating.
  • The house is slowly disintegrating because of the rain.

To mountaintops is to go to the highest points on a mountain. Mountaintops are usually very high and have a beautiful view.

  • He wanted to go to the mountaintops to see the view.
  • They went to the mountaintops to ski.