What Do Alien Civilizations Look Like? The Kardashev Scale

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


The cavemen were the first people to live on Earth. They were hunter-gatherers, and they depended on their instincts to survive.

  • The cavemen used to live in caves.
  • The cavemen were the first humans to live in a cold environment.

An expansionist is someone who wants to increase the size of the country or the number of people who live there. They believe that by doing this, the country will be better off.

  • The expansionist candidate won the election by appealing to the expansionist sentiment in the population.
  • The expansionist policies of the government are contributing to the country's growing debt.

To categorize is to group things together in a way that makes them easier to understand. Categorizing can be a useful way of organizing your ideas.

  • The teacher tried to categorize the students by their MyersBriggs type.
  • The teacher tried to categorize the articles by their topic.

Gatherers are people who collect things. They might collect food, or they might collect materials that they can use to build something.

  • The gatherers will collect all of the food that they can find.
  • The gatherers will collect all of the wood that they can find.

When something is uninhabitable, it is not able to be lived in or used. This can be because of a natural disaster, war, or some other problem.

  • The city was completely uninhabitable after the earthquake.
  • The war made the area completely uninhabitable.

Terraforming is the process of modifying a planet or planet-like body so that it can be inhabited by human beings. This can involve things like changing the climate, changing the environment, and adding new plants and animals.

  • The goal of terraforming is to make the planet habitable for human beings.
  • The goal of terraforming is to make the planet hospitable for human beings.

A supercluster is a group of galaxies that are very large and organized. They are usually found near the centers of large galaxies.

  • There are superclusters of galaxies near the center of the galaxy.
  • The superclusters are located in the center of the galaxy.

Notepads are notebooks that are used for taking notes and recording your thoughts. They are usually very small, so they can be easily carried around.

  • He always carries a notepad with him so that he can take notes during class.
  • The teacher gave out notepads to everyone in the class so that they could start recording their thoughts.