What caused the French Revolution? - Tom Mullaney

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To lavish something is to give it a lot of attention and care. If you lavish your love on someone, you show them a lot of care and affection.

  • She lavished her love on him, showering him with compliments and gifts.
  • The hotel lavished the guests with all sorts of freebies.

unsurprisingly means that what is expected happens. It is usually used in conjunction with the word ‘unfortunately’.

  • Unfortunately, the test results were unsurprisingly bad.
  • Surprisingly, the party was a lot of fun.

The storehouse is a place where food is stored. It can be a building, a room in a house, or even a storage container.

  • The storehouse is full of food, which will help the town survive during the winter.
  • The storehouse is a storage container for the food that was brought in from the farm.

A figurehead is a person who is chosen to represent a group or organization, but who really has no power or influence. The figurehead usually has no authority or control over the group or organization.

  • The figurehead was chosen to represent the company, but he had no real power.
  • The figurehead was chosen to represent the school, but he had no real power to change anything.

To behead someone is to kill them by cutting their head off. This is a very violent and gruesome way to die, and it's usually only used in war or in cases of treason.

  • He was beheaded for his crimes against the king.
  • The queen was beheaded for her treasonous actions.

To finalize something is to make it official. When you finalize a contract, you agree to all of the terms and conditions of the contract.

  • The company is finalizing the contract with the new supplier.
  • The project is finalizing its design.

To mock something is to laugh at or make fun of it. When the students mocked the teacher, they were laughing at her.

  • The students were mocking the teacher when they laughed.
  • The students were mocking the new teacher when they laughed.

A monarch is a ruler who is elected by the people. A monarch is usually a very powerful person, and they usually have a lot of control over the country.

  • The monarch is the head of state, and he has a lot of power.
  • The monarch is the head of the government, and he makes all the decisions.

To strangle someone is to choke them to death. Strangling someone is a very violent way to die, and it is usually very painful.

  • He was strangled to death with his own tie.
  • She was strangled with her own scarf.