What can we learn from shortcuts? | Tom Hulme

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Worrisome means dangerous or unpleasant. When you say that something is worryingly high, you are saying that the number is high enough to be alarming.

  • The worryingly high number is a sign of the economy going bad.
  • The worryingly high number is a sign of the health of the plant going bad.

To littered is to scatter something all over the place. When you littered your room with clothes, you scattered them all over the floor.

  • She littered the room with clothes when she got home from work.
  • The street was littered with broken glass after the storm.

To proof something is to test it to make sure that it is correct. You might proof a document to make sure that it is error-free.

  • The document was proofed before it was sent to the printer.
  • The candidate was proofed by the committee to make sure that he was qualified.

When it rains, the streets get flooded and the pavement turns into a muddy mess. To fix this problem, the city usually needs to pave the streets.

  • The city is paving the streets, which means that it's going to be a lot of work.
  • The city is going to pave the streets tomorrow, which is a big inconvenience.

A resourceful person is able to find a way to solve problems or manage difficult situations. They are usually very creative and able to think outside the box.

  • She is very resourceful, and she was able to find a way to fix the broken window.
  • He is very resourceful, and he was able to find a way to fix the printer.

To meander is to wander aimlessly. You might meander through the park, or you might meander through your thoughts.

  • The river meanders through the city.
  • She meandered through the conversation and didn't seem to know what she was talking about.

To dash is to run quickly and energetically. When you dash through a door, you're trying to get out of the room as fast as possible.

  • She dashed out the door, trying to get away from the angry customer.
  • He dashed into the room, trying to catch the thief before he could escape.

To be nauseous is to feel very sick and uncomfortable. You might be nauseous because you ate something that you shouldn't have, or you might be nauseous because you're feeling sick from the flu.

  • I feel nauseous every time I eat raw fruits and vegetables.
  • I'm feeling nauseous because I have the flu.

When something is diagonally opposed, it is in a position that is opposite to the other two directions. For example, if you are facing north, your right side is diagonally opposed to your left side and your front side is diagonally opposed to your back side.

  • The diagonally opposed sides are the top and bottom, the left and right, and the front and back.