What almost dying taught me about living | Suleika Jaouad

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A misfire is when a gun doesn't fire the way that it's supposed to. A misfire can happen when the gun is loaded or when the bullet is in the gun.

  • The gun misfired on the first shot.
  • The bullet misfired when it hit the target.

To fantasize is to daydream about something that is not really happening. When you fantasize, you are usually imagining something that is very different from the reality.

  • He spends a lot of time fantasizing about being rich and famous.
  • She fantasizes about being famous and loved.

To fantasize is to daydream about something that you wouldn't actually want to experience in real life. Sometimes people fantasize about things that are really bad for them, but other times they fantasize about things that are really good for them.

  • She fantasized about winning the lottery, even though she knew that it was impossible.
  • He fantasized about traveling the world, even though he knows that he can't actually do that.

An impostor is someone who pretend to be someone else in order to deceive others. They might pretend to be someone famous or important in order to get their hands on valuable information.

  • The police are looking for an impostor who is pretending to be a detective.
  • The impostor was wearing a fake beard and glasses to look like the real doctor.

The word sickest refers to someone or something that is the most sick or unhealthy. It can also refer to a situation or event that is the most unpleasant or dangerous.

  • He was the sickest person I've ever seen.
  • The sickest thing that I've ever seen was a car accident.

To reroute is to change the way that something is going to be done. Sometimes you might have to reroute a traffic jam.

  • The city is rerouting traffic to avoid the protest.
  • The company is rerouting their product to avoid a rival company.

To be unstuck is to be free from something that is preventing you from moving or functioning. If you're unstuck in mud, you're free from the mud that is keeping you from moving.

  • He was unstuck from the tree after he climbed up it.
  • The ship was unstuck from the dock after the storm.

The grandchildren are the children of someone's older child or children. They are usually called this because they are a lot smaller than the children of the parents' younger children.

  • My granddaughter is a lot of fun, but my grandson is a little boring.
  • I'm so excited to see my grandkids again.

The messiest thing is usually the thing that causes the most problems. The messiest things usually involve a lot of dirt, mud, or other materials that are difficult to clean.

  • The messiest part of the party was the kitchen, where everything got dirty.
  • The messiest part of the house is the basement, where there is always a lot of dirt and dust.