Watch this if you're scared of snakes - Andrew Whitworth

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To be camouflaged is to be hidden from view. You can be camouflaged by blending in with your surroundings or by wearing a disguise.

  • The animals were camouflaged by their dark coloring.
  • The soldier was camouflaged by his large body and the helmet that he was wearing.

Bulbous is a word that is used to describe something that is round and large. Examples of things that are usually described as bulbous are the heads of elephants, the heads of whales, and the heads of humans.

  • The bulbous head of the elephant is a characteristic that is often admired.
  • The bulbous head of the whale is a dangerous feature.
  • The bulbous head of the human is an interesting feature.

Buttresses are pieces of architecture that support the weight of a building. They are usually made out of stone or brick, and they help to keep the building stable.

  • The buttresses help to support the weight of the tower.
  • The buttresses help to keep the walls of the castle strong.

To hollow out is to make something hollow, to make it have a hole or a space inside. When you hollow out a tree, you make a hole in it so that you can get at the wood inside.

  • The tree was hollowed out by the wind.
  • The tree was hollowed out by the woodpecker.

When something is chunkier, it is bigger or thicker than normal. Chunkier things are often easier to handle or to eat.

  • The soup was a little chunkier than usual, which made it a bit more difficult to eat.
  • The steak was a little chunkier than usual, which made it a bit harder to chew.

Rattlesnakes are a type of snake that can be very dangerous. They have a rattle on their tail that helps them scare away their prey.

  • Rattlesnakes are usually very shy, but they can be dangerous if they're provoked.
  • There was a lot of noise coming from the rattlesnake, which was scaring the birds away.