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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A virtuoso is someone who is very good at something. They might be a musician, an artist, or a sportsman.

  • She is a virtuoso pianist.
  • He is a virtuoso violinist.

To inculcate means to teach or to instill a particular idea into someone's mind. Inculcating a sense of morality into children is a good example of this.

  • The teacher tried to inculcate a sense of responsibility into the students.
  • The teacher tried to inculcate a sense of community into the students.

A violinist is someone who plays the violin. Violinists are often required to have a high level of skill and precision, and they need to be able to play a wide range of different pieces.

  • The violinist was very good, and she was able to play all of the pieces perfectly.
  • The violinist was not very good, and she was not able to play any of the pieces.

Violinists are people who play the violin. They use the violin to create beautiful music.

  • She is a violinist, and she is playing tonight.
  • The orchestra is playing a violin concert tonight.

To level something is to make it the same level as the ground. When you level a hill, you make it so that the slope is the same on both sides.

  • The construction team leveled the ground so that the construction site would be flat.
  • The city leveled the street so that the cars would be able to drive on it.

A triage is a process that is used to decide which patients to treat first. The triage team is usually made up of doctors and nurses, and they use a variety of methods to decide who should be treated first.

  • The triage team was able to treat the most serious patients first.
  • The triage team was able to treat the patients with the most injuries first.

There are a lot of different types of contractions, but the most common are the dental contractions that you feel when you yawn or when you chew.

  • When you yawn, you experience dental contractions.
  • During chewing, you also experience contractions in your throat and mouth.

When something is dilated, it is enlarged or stretched beyond its normal size. The eyes are dilated when you are wide awake and looking around, because your eyes are too small to see in detail.

  • The baby's eyes were dilated because she was crying.
  • The blood vessels in the food were dilated, which made it look like it was steamed.

Suctioning is the act of using a vacuum cleaner to clean something. When you suction something, you use the vacuum cleaner to pull the dirt and dust up.

  • The vacuum cleaner was suctioning the dirt and dust off the floor.
  • The vacuum cleaner was suctioning the dirt and dust off the window.