Tiny Bombs in your Blood - The Complement System

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To saturate something is to cover it with a lot of something. When you saturate the soil with water, you make it wet.

  • The water saturated the soil and made it wet.
  • The painting was saturated with the color of the sky.

To call someone a cripple is to refer to them as a person who is unable to do many things because of their injuries. A cripple might be able to walk, but they might not be able to do anything else because of their injuries.

  • He is a cripple, which is why he can't do any physical activity.
  • The war left many cripples in the country.

To ignite something is to start it burning. You can ignite a fire by putting wood onto it, or by using a lighter.

  • He ignited the lighter and started the fire.
  • The fire was ignited when the building was set on fire.

To neutralize something is to make it harmless or to destroy it. When the scientists neutralized the virus, they made it harmless so that it couldn't harm the people or the animals.

  • The scientists neutralized the virus by killing all the infected cells.
  • The scientist neutralized the weapon by destroying the entire facility.

To maim someone is to injure them so that they can't do their job or function properly. Maiming can happen in a variety of ways, from cutting them with a knife to breaking their bones.

  • The soldier was maimed during the battle.
  • The construction worker was maimed when he was injured.

To nip something is to stop it from happening or to stop it from growing. If you nip a problem in the bud, you stop it from getting any bigger.

  • The proposal was nipped in the bud when the other side objected.
  • The plant was nipped in the bud when the gardener cut it down.

To overstate something is to say or write something that is too good to be true. Sometimes people overstate their abilities or their importance.

  • The teacher overstated the students' abilities when she said that they would be able to pass the test.
  • The politician overstated the benefits of the new law when he said that it would be a night and day difference.