Three Ways to Destroy the Universe

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video

An astrophysicist is a scientist who studies the stars. They might study the stars in order to learn more about the universe, or they might study the stars to learn more about the Earth.

  • The astrophysicist was able to study the stars to determine the location of the alien ship.

To accelerate is to increase the speed or rate of something. When something is accelerating, it is moving faster than normal.

  • The car accelerated as it came down the hill.
  • The economy is accelerating, which is why the prices of goods are going up.

To disintegrate is to break down and to lose its original form. When something disintegrates, it often becomes pieces that no longer belong together.

  • The building was disintegrating due to the rain.
  • The wind was disintegrating the leaves on the trees.

To evaporate is to disappear or to turn into vapor. When you evaporate water, it turns into steam and water vapor.

  • The water evaporated quickly after it was sprayed on the surface.
  • The flowers are evaporating because the sun is shining on them.

To reverse something is to turn it around, to go in the opposite direction. When you reverse the polarity of a battery, you change the direction of the electricity.

  • When she turned the key in the ignition, the car started and the lights turned off.
  • Reversing the charges on the battery reversed the polarity.

To devour something is to eat it completely. You might say that someone devoured a pizza whole, or that a group of people devoured a cake.

  • The dog devoured the whole cake in minutes.
  • The group of students devoured the pizza in no time.

A supermassive black hole is a very large hole in the center of a galaxy. They are so large that they can suck in entire stars and galaxies.

  • The supermassive black hole is located in the center of the galaxy.
  • The supermassive black hole is so large that it can suck in entire stars and galaxies.