Three ideas. Three contradictions. Or not. | Hannah Gadsby

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video

Pathologically means in a pathological way. When you say that someone is pathologically lazy, you mean that they are lazy to an abnormal degree.

  • He is pathologically lazy, which is why he can't ever seem to get anything done.
  • The disease is pathologically severe, and the patient is in a lot of pain.

Spattering is when liquid is thrown in every direction. It can sometimes be very messy and difficult to clean up.

  • When the glass shattered, spattering liquid all over the floor.
  • The paint spattered all over the wall when she threw the can on the ground.

Dickheads are people who are really stupid or ignorant. They are usually not very kind or compassionate, and they can be very rude.

  • Dickheads who refuse to learn are going to keep getting stupider and stupider.
  • Dickheads who think that they are better than everyone else are going to get their comeuppance.

To copped something is to take something that is not yours without permission. Sometimes people use the word to describe the act of stealing something.

  • He copped a feel when he walked by her.
  • She copped a feel when he was talking on the phone.

To cocoon is to surround or envelop someone or something in a protective or soothing environment. When a butterfly cocoons, it covers itself in a soft, protective layer of wax.

  • The baby was cocooned in its mother's arms.
  • The company was cocooned in a government bailout.

To untangle something is to untangle the knots or tangles that are holding it together. When you untangle a rope, you free it from the tree or the other object it was tied to.

  • The rope was tangled around the tree, so the firefighters had to untangle it.
  • The sweater was tangled, so I had to untangle it before I could wear it.

To misdirect someone is to deceive them by sending them in the wrong direction. You might misdirect a child by telling them to go find the dog, when the dog is actually in the other room.

  • The politician misdirected the press by giving a false statement.
  • The artist misdirected the viewers by painting the wrong picture.