This is what makes employees happy at work | The Way We Work, a TED series

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Massages are a type of treatment that involve rubbing oil or lotion on your skin in order to relieve pain or stress. They can also be used to help improve your body's circulation.

  • She had a massage to help her relax after her surgery.
  • He has a massage every week to help him relax and destress.

When two objects are in contact with each other, they create a sound called pong. This sound is usually very small, but it can be very loud when two objects are close to each other.

  • The ball and the net created a loud pong when they were put together.
  • The sound of the pong was so loud that I couldn't hear the music.

Perks are special benefits that are given to employees or members of a group. Sometimes the benefits are free, and other times they are paid for.

  • The company offers a number of perks, including free food and drinks.
  • The company offers perks to its members, such as free membership in the gym.

To erode is to wear away or reduce the size of something. The erosion of the land is the gradual process of the land being worn away by water or wind.

  • The erosion of the soil is the process by which the soil is worn away by water.
  • The erosion of the coastline is the gradual process of the coastline being worn away by the ocean.

Unfairly is to treat someone unfairly. This can mean treating them poorly, making them do something that is not fair, or unfairly taking advantage of them.

  • The company is unfairly taking advantage of the small business.
  • The government is unfairly prosecuting the accused.

To unlearn is to forget something that you have learned. Sometimes you have to unlearn something in order to learn it again.

  • It can be difficult to unlearn the bad habits that you've developed.
  • It can be difficult to unlearn the knowledge that you have acquired in school.

Compassionate means caring about someone or something. When you are compassionate, you feel a sense of sympathy and compassion for the person or thing that you are dealing with.

  • She was compassionate when she talked to the victim.
  • The teacher was compassionate when she assigned the project.

To appreciate something is to feel a sense of appreciation for it. Some people might appreciate the beauty of a sunset, while others might appreciate the hard work that was put into building a house.

  • He appreciated the gift that she had given him.
  • She appreciated the dinner that he had made for her.

To littered is to scatter something all over the place. When you littered your room with clothes, you scattered them all over the floor.

  • She littered the room with clothes when she got home from work.
  • The street was littered with broken glass after the storm.